Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Before... and (Ever) After!

I've taken the week off... with "nothing to do" (Tsk! Tsk!)
So I decided to do a (rather drastic) redo on this old writing desk 
that we've had for more years than I can recall! 
I did the original redo some twenty years ago: stenciled hearts,
olive green paint, checkerboard... cute, but boring!

The "after" was an application of Old Village satin paint: Black.
Then I sanded it down, applying a top coat 
of FolkArt chalk paint: ultra matte Grotto.
Sanded that coat down with a whole lot of elbow-grease...
And then rag rubbed some Tsukinek Walnut Crystals Ink
into all of the worn, sanded corners, cracks and crevices!

Sweet... huh? 


  1. Love it! The color is gorgeous. I have a credenza that I plan to paint in 2016...even have my father-in-law's permission, since he built it. :~) I love painted furniture, which among my carpenter husband's family, makes me something of a heretic.

    1. Jan... the jury was out on this one, for me... until both of our daughters were here over Christmas. They LOVED it! (having grown up with it "before" in Vermont... they really appreciated the "brave, new, after" direction that Dad went with this color. I've always been a fan of distressed, worn painted furniture. Thank you for the encouraging vote! (I mean, "post...") Daryle

  2. Wow! Very sweet definitely Daryle! Fantastic job and that colour is gorgeous! Well done you! A much better look imho! :)

    1. Pam... I realized at once that the color was "right" when our oldest daughter was home over Christmas and said: "Dad, I want THAT piece of furniture!" Ha! Ha! She'll have to wrestle her sister to the ground over that... Daryle

  3. Beautiful job on the re-do. I too love the color. Linda