Friday, February 27, 2015

Part 2… of the Angel Shrine Doll Workshop!

Your Angel Shrine Doll head at this point, should really begin 
to take on a personality of its own… 
Part 2 includes: sculpting the lower lip (it took me two or three attempts) 
and then sculpting the chin and adding a neck.  
I have also included a discussion about "hair": 
synthetic, natural, and bald (beautiful!)


  1. Oh Daryl - so nice to get to know you by video now! And thank you so much for this workshop - it will inspire me on one side and on the other side I am sure I can learn from you!
    mo from Hannover.
    See you on Facebook soon?

  2. Hey Mo…. so glad that you stopped by. Daryle
    Thank you Anita!

  3. Oh my, I'm loving the face and character that's emerging from my work Daryle! After finishing this 4th video I'm so happy and proud of what I've made! Thank you again so much. :)

  4. Pam… when a doll's character begins to show itself, "emerge"… wonderful things happen!