Thursday, February 26, 2015

Angel Shrine Doll Workshop Part 1-B and Part 1-C

Here are both Parts 1-B and 1-C of our Angel Shrine Doll Workshop. 
We will add the upper lip, those cherubic, chubby cheeks, and some ears!

Again, I would suggest that you try viewing the video on the YouTube
link that is found on the lower right half of the video,
for their formatted viewing size.

Have fun.. and let me hear from you!  

It's snowing again this a.m. here in South Jersey!


  1. Hi Daryle! Thanks for the invite. I will be sure to check out your workshops after I finish up the next couple busy weeks!

  2. Hi Daryle, thank you for inviting me over. I am looking forward to taking a cup of tea and watching the videos!!! Ha, you say it is snowing... come to N.H. we have about 5 feet of it on the ground right now and I'm not talking about the drifts, LOL! I asked for snow just before winter set in... be careful what you wish for comes to mind... :D
    Hugs and see you around the blog-o-sphere!
    Beth P

  3. Robin… so glad you could stop by and do; come back when time allows!
    Beth… Our youngest daughter still lives in Vermont… oh the snow fall totals are crazy this year! But it could be worse… poor Boston! Welcome!

  4. Thanks for those kind words about my doll Daryle! Appreciate it greatly.
    I've now finished the 3rd video and he/she is really taking on his/her own sweet character. I'm enjoying the process so much, more than I thought I would and I smile whenever I look at the face! :)
    I'll probably post about it all again after the next step but it's so exciting wondering what it will look like when all finished! I think it might turn out to be a he in the end, but who knows!

    I was wondering what the surface is that you're working on on top of your table. Looks like sheets of something? It would probably be better if I did have something on my worktop instead of using the laminate surface. Though it seems to work ok.

    Thanks again. :)

  5. Pam… the surface that I work on in the video (and most of the time on my worktable) is a .5mm clear flexible cutting board mat (12" x 15"). My wife picked up a 2 piece set locally here at "Cow Town" (an open market of sorts). I did a search on Google and found them for around $7. As I said, I use this surface almost all of the time, especially with paper clay and/or painting because it cleans up in the sink so effortlessly; keeping my immediate workspace nice and neat (I'm a bit obsessive-compulsive about that)… Can't wait to see your "shrine" as your begin to embellish it. Daryle

  6. I am so glad to have found you, on Pinterest , then came over to your site. What a wonderful class!
    How talented you are, and generous to share. Thank you!

  7. Ohh! Well, I'm kinda late to this, so I'll be following from the beginning. Love the dolls you make.