Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Doll Makers Journey…

It all began with a pipe dream, almost three years ago:
To offer a workshop, at no charge…
to anyone interested in making a mixed-media doll.

That's when the journey really began… creating a O.O.A.K. Angel Shrine Doll!

And so, with an old mantle clock for a body and some paper clay in hand…
the workshop/class began to unfold.

And so my hope is… Lord willing and the creek don't rise,
(understand we have temps in the 40's today and run-off snow is melting!)

I will be making available to you:
The Angel Shrine Doll Workshop!


  1. Sounds wonderful! Look forward to seeing it all happening! Thank you, well done! :)

  2. You are probably one of the most generous artists I have ever known. This is a such a gift you're giving and yes, I'm happy to be one of the recipients. I'll be here. Thank you.

  3. What a wonderful idea. I've already visited the site and will add it to my favorites. All I can say is lovely!!!!

  4. Pam & Penny… I am hoping to get that first video (part 1 of five) uploaded ASAP. This will be my first attempt to post a video from iMovie, so I'm a bit nervous about it. Stay tuned!

  5. How very generous I look forward to seeing the videos. Bless Bless

  6. I adore your work! So generous of you to share the videos with us all and look forward to all of them!

  7. Thank you Chris… I hope you'll enjoy the workshop as it unfolds!
    Mary Jane… I'm so glad this has finally all come together and I've figured out the difference between "upload" and "download"… Ha! Ha!

  8. WOW!!!! Love it and so full of character! Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us. I am so inspired!

  9. I hope that you'll both come back often and enjoy the workshops!

  10. This looks like fun:) Such a sweet face. I've added a link to this blog on my Facebook page and my own blog. Hope you don't mind that I spread the news.

  11. This looks amazing! Such a great teacher, you make it so easy to understand.

  12. Mary Ann… thank you for passing this on!!! I just left a comment on your link post at Cloth Doll Maker's Diary.
    Cyn… thank you for the vote of confidence! (I wonder sometimes; when I ramble on and on!!!)