Saturday, February 28, 2015

Angel Shrine Doll Workshop Part 3...

In Part 3 of the workshop…
I cover the "structure" that you are using for the doll body,
the arms, the wings… and how to repair any "cracks" that
may appear on your paper clay doll's head!
Enjoy and let me know if you post any pics on your blogs!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Part 2… of the Angel Shrine Doll Workshop!

Your Angel Shrine Doll head at this point, should really begin 
to take on a personality of its own… 
Part 2 includes: sculpting the lower lip (it took me two or three attempts) 
and then sculpting the chin and adding a neck.  
I have also included a discussion about "hair": 
synthetic, natural, and bald (beautiful!)

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Angel Shrine Doll Workshop Part 1-B and Part 1-C

Here are both Parts 1-B and 1-C of our Angel Shrine Doll Workshop. 
We will add the upper lip, those cherubic, chubby cheeks, and some ears!

Again, I would suggest that you try viewing the video on the YouTube
link that is found on the lower right half of the video,
for their formatted viewing size.

Have fun.. and let me hear from you!  

It's snowing again this a.m. here in South Jersey!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Angel Shrine Doll Workshop Part 1 A

Well… after (literally) hours of editing, editing, and more editing…
I found out that the workshops were too long in length to export to both Blogger and YouTube… so I have frantically reformatted making the
original 5-part workshop into an 8-part workshop.
Tsk! Tsk!

I would suggest that you view it by clicking on the YouTube link right on the lower right half of the video… this will take you directly to YouTube and their formatted size for viewing.

So here it is… Part 1-A  (Part 1-B & Part 1-C to be posted soon!)

Please be sure to leave a comment… or two!  
And help get the word out that I'm here!  
Thank You... for taking a peek!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Workshop Description and Material List for the Angel Shrine Doll

Angel Shrine Doll Workshop Description 

The inspiration for creating a OOAK angel shrine doll came from a children’s bereavement workshop that I attended years ago, while living in Vermont  The instructor introduced us to the concept of creating a “memory box.”  A simple “house” ( that will become the doll body) filled with small objects that carry special significance and meaning.  I have incorporated that concept into creating an angel shrine doll.  This workshop will allow you to integrate your own found object into a personal expression of your faith or life journey.  I encourage you to look for the perfect "house" at a flea market, resale shop, thrift store, or yard sale! 

Each doll will be uniquely different... not only because you are unique, but also because each “house” used to create the angel shrine doll body will be one-of-a-kind.  I have chosen a flea market find, a vintage craftsman style mantle clock, for my shrine doll. In this workshop we will sculpt a doll head using paper clay, attach wood turnings/finial arms, wooden wings, and then apply vintage or decorative papers, acrylic paints, and other mediums to the “house”– creating a OOAK shrine. 

You will be encouraged to introduce meaningful ephemera and use personal memorabilia, while allowing your imagination to run free… throughout the creative process! 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Doll Makers Journey…

It all began with a pipe dream, almost three years ago:
To offer a workshop, at no charge…
to anyone interested in making a mixed-media doll.

That's when the journey really began… creating a O.O.A.K. Angel Shrine Doll!

And so, with an old mantle clock for a body and some paper clay in hand…
the workshop/class began to unfold.

And so my hope is… Lord willing and the creek don't rise,
(understand we have temps in the 40's today and run-off snow is melting!)

I will be making available to you:
The Angel Shrine Doll Workshop!